Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tape No. 1

Hello! As much as you can see this is our first ever blog post. We made this blog because we wanted to get into fashion waters and to explore them, since it is our  biggest passion. It`s going to be about fashion, travel, lifestyle, cooking, and believe me, much, much more.

And now about the outfit: it is a little bit rocky and also classy. Could be worn anytime.  It`s also pretty comfortable witch I appreciate. I wear black pants, jacket and bag, with white shirt and leather coat (which I loveee a lot by the way). The shoes really make the whole thing come to life and I really enjoy wearing them.

So I hope you enjoyed it, for any questions write me on this e-mail (, or on my facebook page (

I am wearing:
Shirt: Mango
Pants: Mango
Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Coat: Mona
Bag: Six
Sneakers: Office shoes