Thursday, December 11, 2014

Belive in your dreams


   Right now i'm sitting in my room, barely moving my fingers across the keyboard after really hard day in school, but I always have to find time for blog `cause fashion is my life, that`s my air and i`m living for it, I mean fashion of course!!! So all of us have a inspiration in life and that inspiration is pushing us to move on and believe in ourselves `because we can do anything we want if we truly want it and never, ever give up from our dreams!!!

   And as you might noticed throw my other posts my style is pretty much less is more. I think that you don`t have to wear million stuffs on yourself to look fancy or fashion, NO, with just few pieces you can look amazing, you just have to follow your own instinct and style and you will will shine for sure! xoxo
Sweater: Marks & Spencer
Jeans: GAP
Backpack: Accessorize
Boots: Timberland
Rings: Claire's
Photography: Anastasija Jušković




  1. What a fun, rebel look! Plus it's good that you always find time for your passion. Good luck! :)


    1. Oooh thanks a lot, hope you have time for youre passion too!!! <3❤

  2. Wow you're stunning! Love your eyebrows! And your outfit of course :)


    1. Thanks a lot!!! You made me really happy right now 'cause you love my eyebrows, thanks again!!!❤