Monday, December 22, 2014

Sun in the middle of the winter

Right now I`m so happy, today is the first day of winter and it`s incredibly hot and sunny here. Today I didn`t go to school so I went out with my friend and we had a really relaxing walk. We were so busy last couple of days because of the final exams. :( But hey, let`s look on that from the brightest side! Holidays are coming and I can`t wait to step into new year with new ideas and more passion and I hope that new year(2015) will be the year of big changes and success!
This time I`m wearing one of my favorite sweaters `cause it`s with horse, an animal that I love the most and by the way I used to ride horses two years ago, but unfortunately I had to stop because of the obligations at school. And as you can see  I wear big, black ear cuff, I bought it few days ago and I am I love with it but the only thing that is bad about it is that it`s to heavy!!! But still I LOOOOOVEEE it!!! hahaha
Please write in the comments how do you like this post...xoxo
Sweater: Pull & Bear
Shirt: Azzaro
Skirt: Mango
Boots: Timberland (Fashion&Friends)
Ear cuff: Six
Bag: Mona
Photography: Anastasija Jušković


  1. Lovely outfit, great color combo.
    Happy holidays

    1. Thanks a lot! Happy holidays to you too, I wish you all the best in new year!

  2. Love the styling! Seems the sun loves you!


  3. great,great post :) you have such a nice blog!


  4. Very cute! I really like you boots!

    - Sarah :)

    1. Thanks and by the way these boots are the most comfortable par of footwear that I have ever had! :D