Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby LV

 Hello guys!!! It`s been quiet sometimes since i posted my last post. A holiday season is behind us and we need to back in real life full of duties and busy days full of stress and hard working. So for those days the best option is warm cozy outfit that can make you feel comfy all day long even when you seat in office or spent hours in school. Plus for better pleasure you can make a cup of hot tea or coffee. I drink a loooooot of tea so here are my suggestions for winter time: 

1) Winter time (Teekanne)
2) Magic apple (Teekanne)
3) Orange&Ginger (Teekanne)
4) Magic moments (Teekanne)
5) Winter delight (Milford) 
6) Strawberry yogurt (Milford)
7) Orange-rum (Milford).
That will be it the only thing that rest is to enjoy!

This time i`m wearing this grey, cozy sweater to keep me warm, my fav leather pants, camel coat that goes the best with grey clothes, sneakers on which i`ve left personal touch (it will be DIY for them on blog soon) and the biggest love in my wardrobe this baby LOUIS VUITTON bag, to me absolutely favorite piece in my closet. 

What do you like to drink in winter and what is your fav piece in the closet?

Coat: Nicola`s
Sweater: Tom Tailor
Sneakers: Reebok (with some DIY)
Bag: Louis Vuitton


  1. you are beautiful like a doll! amazing picture honey ;)
    Kiss from Italy
    Check it out my new post :

    1. Ooh, thanks a lot!!! I will check it for sure! :-D

  2. Such a cute look! Casual but chic, love the pants with the jacket <3