Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tricks that will make your winter clothes more stylish

Put the belt over the coat

Adding a stylish belt will not only accentuate your figure, but will add a whole new dimension to plain coat.

Pair leather boots with leather trousers

Skin-to-skin combination always looks amazing and luxury...and that's all we want...right?

Wear wool hats

Hats make you look younger but in the same time stylish and more fancy, haha... Go right now and find a perfect one for yourself!

Wear the necklace over turtleneck sweater

This will add glam to ordinary combination and transform from conservative into super chic in second.

Switch blanket-poncho over you for the final touch

I have nothing else to say than MUST HAVE!!!

Combine leather and knitwear

The subtle texture of both materials makes it your look looks expensive.


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