Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby blue

And here I go again...but this time I`m taking it seriously, for real. I will be posting one post a week at least. I had a lot to do for school and other everyday stuff so I didn`t have enough time for blogging, but I realized that fashion is my life, that's something that goes with my name every time when someone say it. So the only option for me right now Is to do blogging and realize my dream.
For this post I chose very simple outfit, I love those the most, that day I was exploring capital city of my country, Belgrade, so I needed comfy look that will make me feel good all day long on this summer, extremely hot days. And also it`s really good to wear backpack while trolling through city whole day....trust me...but don`t ask why. Hey hey and don`t forget slippers, always keep one par in your backpack or bag, because after long walking shoes can get uncomfortable and slippers will be good salvation in that case. Don`t forget that the most important is to stay comfy, because that`s when you`re gonna look the best.
T-shirt: Gap
Shorts: Springfield
Backpack: Accessorize
Slippers: Grubin
Photography: Anastasija Jušković

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  1. Love your style totally ! So casual and comfortable. And I love you!