Friday, November 27, 2015

Light it up

Autumn came and left hot, sunny summer days behind, but whiff of summer still exist and  it won`t be here for such a long time...just few days I guess... So we have to use those few days that left and enjoy wearing summer, lousy clothes and sun that is caressing us... Freely go on, don`t be ashamed and unbutton few more buttons on your shirt, you will feel more comfortable...believe me! Also put on big boyfriend jeans, they don`t have to be necessary boyfriend, you can buy one that are few sizes bigger ( I did that in this case...haha). You can wear heels but if you feel more comfortable in sandals that wear them...but with heels you will look better, you can choose model like this one, because they are really comfy and for example I can spend whole day walking in them. Few necklaces, little bag and one more essential...nail polish, for this autumn the best color in my opinion is grey, and when you do that you are ready to go out and enjoy!


Shirt: GAP
Pants: Pull&Bear
Necklaces: Accessorize
Bag: Legend
Rings: Tally Wejil
Bra: Women`s secret


  1. Love this outfit and oh my god you look so good, xo!
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  2. Beautiful photos babe.
    Also, you are very stylish to pull of this mixed print look!